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on @ericshawnfox. >> we'll keep you posted on airplane cancellations, closures, and just all around your weather for your monday morning, too. take care. a powerful storm system spreading snow, sleet, and freezing rain. it's already hit the nation's midsection and now has its sight set on the mid-atlantic. it's causing massive flight cancellations at major airports and forecasters say this could turn into an historic storm event. secretary of state john kerry testifies before the house foreign affairs committee about the deal, ahead. we'll talk to the chairman of that committee about to to expect. and constitutional scholars say president obama is getting too powerful and exercising what the constitution was meant to avoid. we'll talk about the boundaries
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of the event. i'm shannon bream. we begin with the deadly winter storm with an icy winter grip that has taken hold of much of the country. freezing rain, sleet, and snow is moving instead steadily at t hour. crews are clearing ice while frustrated travelers wait it all out. our chief meteorologist has the latest. hello, dana. >> hi, shannon. you mentioned it. it's going to be brutal for the next 12 to 24 hours. as we look ahead, d.c. is going to see snow right now and then it's going to change over to a wintry mix of freezing rain is
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and/or sleet. to the south of this area, that's where we're seeing this icy mix. the purples, pinks, and that's going to move in. unfortunately, to the d.c. area over the next 12 to 24 hours. as we look ahead to the next five days, today and tomorrow we'll watch the potential for some delays at the airports and on the roadways. shannon, back to you. >> thank you, janice. we'll check back with you on the weather. president obama is defending a nuclear deal that calls for sanctions. as netanyahu remains unconvinced. hello, connor. >> reporter: shannon, the deal here in iran has been widely criticized, particularly by benjamin netanyahu. international inspectors are in iran and are studying the heavy water facility and the
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inspection of this nuclear site is believed to be the first deal between iran and the international world and community. now, net tananyahu who has call the deal dangerous changed his tone a bit today at an international conference and still warned the community to be aware of tehran's intentions. >> while siz prepared to do what is necessary to defend itself, we share president obama's preference to see iran's nuclear weapons program end through diplomacy. but for diplomacy to succeed, it must be coupled with powerful sanctions and a credible military threat. >> president obama defended the international deal yesterday at a forum as well, insisting that the bottom line is to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear
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weapon. the sanctions relief will depend on iran's actions. >> if and when iran decides not to abide by this agreement, not to be negotiating in good faith, we can reverse it and tighten them even further. >> now, israel, another arab countries in the middle east don't have much of a choice right now other than to follow the white house's lead on iran but i can tell you, shannon, there are a lot of nervous politicians and political leaders throughout the arab world and here in israel about the future and how the u.s. is going to deal with iran. there's a lot of skepticism that a deal with iran is really possible and there is still a lot of sort of need and ability for the future to use physical and military force on iran. but for now they are sort of stuck having to listen to the white house. shannon? >> connor, thank you very much. secretary of state john kerry is telling israel that the
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iranian nuclear deal is good for its security. at 20 past the hour, we're going to talk with israel's intelligence minister and we'll asked him if he and agrees. many committee members are openly skeptical of the six-month interim agreement, including congressman ed royce, a congressman from california who is joining us live. congressman, welcome. >> thank you, shannon. >> you have a hearing on tuesday. secretary kerry is going to talk to you. what is your biggest questions for him at this point? >> well, i think some of our questions focus on the fact that rouhani yesterday, in front of a bunch of students, many of them yelling death to america, were -- he was in the process of explaining to them that the
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centrifuges would never stop spinning and before that we have the foreign ministers of iran giving a speech in which he said the plutonium bomb making factory -- they are going to continue construction on it. as we understand the agreement, they were supposed to halt that construction. already we have an attitude, on the part of the iranians, that indicates that they are rushing forward and then you have a story that broke yesterday about continued enrichment of a new generation of centrifuges and i think we have very real questions on why we'd want to weaken sanctions at this point rather than strengthen them. >> i want to get your reaction to a couple of things president obama has said. first of all, he says that he puts the chance of success at
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50/50 for this deal and he says if it turns out we can't make a deal, we are no worse off than we were without this agreement. your response? >> well, sanctions are largely psychological, not just legal. so one of the things that is happening is that oil companies, gas companies are all approaching iran right now and, frankly, the amount of sanctions relief that they are getting on gold sanctions, petra chemicals, we think that's going to give them a boost for their economy and, for that, we do not get an agreement in which the centrifuges stop spinning. so from our standpoint in congress, we passed my legislation along with elliott engles with a vote to increase sanctions until we get the kind of agreement that we need. give the iotola a choice between
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economic implosion or true compromise. we don't see the compromise at this point especially with the comments being made by the foreign minister and president rouhani at this point. >> he does indicate that things are boosted and better. clearing feeling that this has been a good deal for the iranian people or at least for iranian leadership. today, benjamin netanyahu spoke at the forum and talked about the fact that history will be altered if iran gets nuclear weapons and also said that history is going to judge all of us, american leaders, israeli leaders and others about how they handled this delicate situation. do you think we're on the right or wrong path as far as how history will view this? >> history will judge us. if you recall some years ago, democrats in the house and senate decided that apartheid -- an apartheid regime in south africa combined with a nuclear weapon state was unacceptable.
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so sanctions were passed and those sanctions were deployed on the government in south africa. south african leaders said it was unthinkable to hold out so they agreed to go to sa democratic system of government, to end apartheid and give up their nuclear weapons. those are the types of sanctions that should be imposed today on the regime in iran and give them that actual choice. that would be something that would benefit the people of iran because if the iotola would agree to an agreement like that, then you could have fair and free leaders rather than picking the six candidates that are going to run. and i will share this. the latest gallup polling that i saw showed that two-thirds of the people in iran wanted a western-style democracy without a theocracy. to do that, we have to have the kind of resolve that members of congress had years ago when they
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put those sanctions on south africa. >> well, we will watch that hearing very closely on tuesday. mr. chairman, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. appreciate it. you've heard from ed royce. now we want to hear from you at home. preeident obama is saying that the iranian deal has a 50/50 chance of success. what do you think? sound off on twitter @shannonbream. we will use some of your tweets later on in the show. rand paul doesn't see any way that obama care can work in its current state. speaking on fox news on sunday, he said you're going to have to pony up more preem yell premium dollars to get the very same services. >> we're paying through it through higher premiums and
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we're going to find out that more people will lose their insurance under obama care than i think will actually gain it. the republican plan is, freedom of choice, more choices, not less. obama care narrows your choices. >> and now ezekiel emanuel on fox news said that if you leak yo like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. it's simply going to cost you more to do that. >> look, if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that. this is a matter of choice. in all sorts of places you may more for certain -- to a wider range of benefits. >> emanuel went on to attribute the low number of people signing up for obama care to what he calls a lack of pr. he says the numbers will go up once the campaign is in full swing. well, the deadline to enroll
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in obama care is just days away but it looks like a lot of young adults are anything about enthusiastic in getting involved in this system. nearly half of them say they are unlikely to enroll. remember, there's a fee for them to pay but much smaller than the premiums. this depends on millions of young, healthy people signing up. let's go to kirsten boardman and richa richard fowler. >> richard, let's start with you. the numbers are not good. >> they are not what we want them to be but the truth of the matter is when you talk to young people out there, you talk to college students and those working on pursing the american dream, they are allowed to go on their parents' health insurance. young women can have birth control paid for.
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with that being said, mr. emanuel is right. there has to be more pr and a push to get young folks engaged in the process and education is going to be the key way to solving the low enrollment and lack of enthusiasm around the law. >> not enough pr, that is what we're hearing this morning. i'll let you respond to that. also, as part of the polling, this comes from united technologies congressional connection poll. about -- actually, more than half of these young people, 18 to 29 who were surveyed said, they actually think the law is going to get repealed. whether that's reality or not, it's the perception. if they think that after three-plus years of what most of us would argue there's been pr, how in the world do you convince them at this point to sign up? >> absolutely, shannon. i think what this really shows is millenials are a whole lot smarter than president obama thinks they are. they have looked at the choices and, as this poll shows, they
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are not really interested. he catapulted to his presidency by taking this group of people for granted and as much as i think young people want to see some sort of health care reform, they are not really interested in being forced to pay for something that doesn't really benefit them. >> richard, what does the president do if they decide that they are not signing up? >> i hear you, shannon. the only people taking young millenials for granted is the republican party and i think your poll speaks to that. the poll indicates that people are afraid it's going to get repealed and to appeal the law. the president signed eight of those. >> that is true. the president indicated himself, shannon, nothing is perfect. it requires that everybody who is part of this government, whether you're a democrat or
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republican, is to come together and educate the people about the law because, guess what, it's the law. >> kirsten, something i found interesting is when they asked young people to self-identify which party they identify themselves with, 41%, the biggest chunk there said it's an opportunity for the republican party to make or break with that young up and coming electorate. >>i hope that richard gets a grt gift basket from the white house this year and a bunch of pr won't change the numbers as they are. to your point, shannon, yes, people send to identify politically with the party that is doing well when they come of age and a lot of millenials are disillusioned with the way that the obama government has handled this. i'm sure richard can agree that
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unemployment is at an all-time low and rnc is trying to reach out to younger voters. jay-z and slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon is not going to help president obama if the numbers don't add up. >> i agree. they are not going to look at a vacuum, shannon. no young person is going to do that. >> we're going to leave it there. we'll see if folks get drawn in and the numbers bear out in the coming year when we have to see the rubber meet the road. kristen, richard, thank you both. >> thank you. the reverend billy graham's health is declining, according to his son. franklin graham said his father hasn't been able to get his strength back since hospitalized last month with respiratory problems. he's not sure if the 95-year-old is aware that nelson mandela has died.
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the family says they would welcome prayers at this time? coming up next, president obama wants to verify before he can trust iran. can israel trust that deal? we're going to talk with israel's intelligence minister about what is at stake and he's joining us live here next. and is president obama overstepping his executive branch. that's when america's news headquarters comes right back. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of anoth one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ♪ if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor [ female announcer ] can you heal a brok heart with a bundt cake? of course you can! even if that heart was broken by zack peterson.
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it is in america's national security interests, not just israel's national security interests or the region's national security interest to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> that was president obama speaking at a middle east forum policy meeting addressing the country's nuclear capabilities. yaval is israel's intelligence officer and is joining us live
10:22 am
here. minister, welcome. good to see you. >> excellent. >> all right. i want to start by -- today the prime minister had a lot of kind things to say about president obama and secretary kerry saying even though he's been clearly vocally unhappy about this tentative agreement, he's praised them for their efforts in attempting to move forward here. secretary kerry has said he is convinced now beyond any reasonable doubt that israel is more secure now than before this deal with iran was reached. what do you say? >> first of all, i really appreciate president obama's commitment. i think he's very sincere about it. but still we have significant differences and we have to discuss it. for instance, we feel unhappy about the agreement. we don't feel that israel is and it's the wrong repeat mistakes f
10:23 am
the past. with iran, what we should talk about is dismantling the existing capacities and not just freeing them or preventing iran to produce a bomb. now, i want to make very clear, if iran -- we discuss with the american friends, i'm speaking now about instinct. if somebody thinks that you can allow iran to have an enrichment capacity, and instead this will bear horrible consequences. if they have enrichment capacity, even with supervision, sooner or later iran will produce a bomb. iran is not japan. secondly, it will spark nuclear arm races in the middle east because the speculation will be if they produce a bomb,soatery
10:24 am
third thirdly after it misbehaves itself and violates the security council resolutions, if they can have a right to enrich, united states and the world will be unable to tell other countries, egypt, turkey, saudi arabia, jordan, malaysia, argentina, south africa that they don't have the right to enrich so you will end up with many countries that will demand similar right to enrich if iran can enrich, they can enrich as well and you end up with as many countries around the globe that will develop threshold nuclear statement. this will jeopardize the entire regime, not just in the middle
10:25 am
east but globally. therefore, it's very important the world and especially the united states of america, has the capacity to pressure iran and to force them to give up their military nuclear program and it should be very simple. nuclear electricity or nuclear energy, yes. nuclear enrichment, no. they can be like sweden of mexico. electricity, yes. enrichment, no. >> we have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time today. we know that the prime minister said today that he preferred diplomatic means but israel keeps all things on the table. >> we would prefer a diplomatic solution if it will be comprehensive and satisfactory solution. >> all right. minister, thank you very much for your time today. the world will be watching these next six months. >> thank you. all right. this week's out of the box segment, this one focuses on attorney general eric holder. this comes from jeff hendrick
10:26 am
via twitter. have there been any developments on the holder impeachment filing? you'll remember that last month a group of congressional republicans introduced this measure accusing the attorney general for lying to congress and failing to uphold federal laws. house speaker john boehner will have to act on it to get it moving. that's not happening. thanks to jeff for writing in. you can reach us all of these ways. a jilted ex accuses a fiance for breaking their engagement is going to have to pay big. more privacy issues facing obama care. personal information being shared. but not to worry, we're told, because it's all for their good. plus, thousands of people gathering today to honor "fast & furious" star paul walker. but this event is not sanctioned
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a powerful storm system already responsible for several deaths and thousands of power outages and flight cancellations are hitting the eastern seaboard. we'll be back with the forecast with janice in a minute but first let's check on the other headlines of the day. >> south africans are remembering nelson mandela today. many are taking plaart in a national day of prayer. california residents who signed up for health insurance have no coverage in the knew year, according to the california association of health underwriters, as many as 35,000 applications faxed to the
10:31 am
state's obama care has yet to be fully entered into the system and campbell's soup company meant well but they asked people to remember the attack on pearl harbor featuring a smiling mascot. some thought the event wasn't serious enough for the solemn occasion. and a georgia man put a ring on it and now he's paying the price. after ten years together, a child and a ring, they broke up. cooper then sued her former fiance for breaking his promise to marry her and a georgia appeals court is backing her. her ex has to pay her $50,000. top stories. >> after ten years, he's probably wishing he didn't take that next step. that's a decade of a pretty penny. thank you. there is growing concern over the growing power of the presidency. a number of constitutional law
10:32 am
experts say that we are reaching, quote, a dangerous territory when any president decides to ignore laws he doesn't agree with or rewrites them as in the case of obama care or posting on the white house blog. let's talk about it now with evan bayh and senator jon kyl. let's start with you, senator kyl. the sentiment has not been only for president obama but any president that would rewrite laws by giving speeches, what's the danger there? >> there was concern as he reached out in the foreign policy area. presidents send to do that. what is different about obama is that i think probably at least since fdr he has pushed the limits of executive authority on domestic matters to the limits. on immigration reform he's decided not to and all welfare laws, education, anti-drug laws,
10:33 am
he has simply decided not to enforce divisions of the law and the biggest example is obama care where the employer mandate was delayed a year. if you like your insurance, you get to keep it well. turns out the law says, no, you can't. so he directed the state incidents to direct the insurance companies to go ahead and provide the same policies they had had before and also there's no subsidy provided for the federal exchanges as there is the state exchange and these are a lot of examples that more than any recent president has pushed his power to the limit, thus raising the question about whether he is upholding himself to faith fully execute the laws. >> the president has made an announcement, members of congress have said, okay, we'll codify that. we'll put it into legislation
10:34 am
and then the white house immediately threatens to veto it. what kind of message does that send to those who are skeptical about that? >> a mixed message, shannon. you were right to point out that this has been going on for years. it really is an outgrowth of the gridlock on capitol hill. with not much legislation getting passed under either president because the two parties are estranged to each other, he's going to say what can i do regulatorily and they can always sue him and go to the courts and say, mr. president, you've got overboard. there's something that jon mentioned -- he mentioned some examples particularly with regard to try to accomplish the same results of the cap and trade bill and global warming to the regulatory process. but there's another practice that has continued under the bush years and it's calling signing statements. the president will hold a ceremony, sign a law and say, i want to tell you while i'm signing this i don't necessarily agree with all of this and i'm
10:35 am
going enforce it the way i'm interpreting it. it's because of gridlock. >> is that what our founders intended, though? >> there's a difference in saying that i think this element of the law is unconstitutional, i'm not going to sign it and signing obama care only to discover that there are problems with it and then you decide without congressional action that you're going to unilaterally not enforce provisions. so there's a difference and you can't go to court because you don't have standing. >> we were discussing this very interesting hearing on the hill this week. a number of the elected members said because of current legal precedent they don't have standing. they don't have a way as a plaintiff to go to court and say they want to sue the executive court over these issues. senator bayh, you talked about something during this hearing, which is why the regulatory branchs and jonathan turley, said it's also like the rise of
10:36 am
the fourth branch that the founders never intended but the federal agency have so much power to carry out in tandem with the executive branch things that the president would like to get done and there's no check on them. >> shannon, that's exactly right. any president that is going to use that regulatory power to the maximum extent they can otherwise their election has not meant anything. so let's take the dodd/frank bill, regulating the financial services or, as jon mentioned, obama care. those laws were probably 10% prescripted by congress, you will do this and you won't do that and that, by definition, is congress handing over the regulatory authorities, vast maneuver and we're seeing it used very aggressively right now. >> that's how we compromise. we can't resolve the issue between us so we leave it to the regulatory agencies.
10:37 am
>> and kick it down the can? >> sure. sometimes it goes to court and the courts end up making the rule. but that's a different phenomenon, the one that you started out talking about, which is the president unilaterally using his authority in contravention of the law, not to flush it out but to say that law i will not enforce. >> what option is there to stop that? >> i would look -- and jon and i both served in senate. and we worked well across the aisle. unfortunately, that's not working as well today. >> things get voted more easily through the senate -- >> i think that started a slippery slope towards eventually reducing the filibuster requirement even for legislation. so jon's side will be sorely tempted to repeal obama care. if not that, it might be the democrats some day on something else. if that ever becomes the case, a 51% vote threshold, i think you'll see congress standing up and saying, no, you've gone too
10:38 am
far, we're going to repeal what you've done. >> the checks and balances were built in there. we'll see where we go. senators, good to see you both. thank you. thousands of fans are set to remember actor paul walker. a live report from los angeles, next. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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janice to look at the snow that is making its way over to the east and north. what's the latest? >> it's snowing to beat the band in philadelphia with snowfall rates of an inch to two inches an hour. take a look at d.c. where we're seeing the snow and it's going to change over to a freezing mixture in the next several hours. it looks real pretty now but you don't want to be on the roadways as you get into the dinnertime hours. we have jfk, laguardia, philadelphia a two-hour delay there as well as dallas. so things are getting messy in the air. if you are scheduled for a flight, back your patience, as they say, and call ahead. let's look at the satellite radar imagery. shannon, just south where we see the wintry mix, but it is snowing incredible snowfall rates in philadelphia towards h hagerstown and pennsylvania.
10:43 am
people are watching. back to you. >> i think that's a great idea, janice. thank you very much. >> you got it. more concerns over obama care privacy issues today. out in california, consumers there have been exploring the state health exchange. they are finding out that their information was shared without their consent. the los angeles times says that names, addresses, phone numbers and even e-mail addresses of thousands of -- actually, tens and thousands of californians were given to insurance agents who then called them to see if they wanted to buy coverage. the executive director of covered california says the data was shared to make the process easier for consumers. a large car rally will take place in santa clarita, california, to honor actor paul walker. but the lapd has concerned. hey, dominic. >> reporter: as many as a thousand people have signed up on facebook to attend the memorial and many are expected
10:44 am
to turn out. in fact, a few started to arrive a shortly after dawn bringing fresh candles for the tribute for paul walker and his friend. he was an aspiring actor to many. we spoke to one of the organizers earlier on and he explained what kind of a great guy walker actually was to many people. >> he was a great guy, personal and on film. everybody loved him. he did a lot for the community as well. he would have no problem being here shaking everyone's hands. he would take you out to lunch, whatever. it has nothing to do with showing money or who he is. he's just the average guy. >> reporter: well, they have brought out several of the cars that walker used in the "fast & furious" films. there's going to be a series of
10:45 am
events starting in about 20 minutes time. there's going to be a moment of silence apparently every single hour. it's going to draw a lot of people and the police are saying that they are concerned about the security situation and what that may create. take a listen. >> part of our plan is to essentially slow traffic down and allow for the cars that make it in there to be able to slowly drive past the memorial. we want to prevent another tragedy, which is where people are paying their respects. >> reporter: police believe speed was a possible factor in the crash. back to you. >> thank you very much. it was a day that will live in infamy. we're going to talk to author craig shirley about the attack that launched america into world
10:46 am
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this weekend marks the 77nd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor.
10:50 am
joins us now to discuss that day and its impact ever since. great to see you today. as you noted during the break, today is actually a very important anniversary. >> 72 years and about two hours ago. franklin roosevelt was asking the congress for a declaration of war which they passed within minutes after that historic speech to congress and then congressional leaders care are ied that afternoon to the white house and we were into the second world war. although it wasn't all called the second world war into many weeks after. it was called the emergency or just the war. >> and how did america respond? >> it was mass confusion. all of the recruiting stations, people were just pouring out,
10:51 am
doing what they could to enlist in the military. there was a group of woman demanding to be put in the draft, on combat duty. >> it's often said that when the worst things happen, we see the best of america. the sacrifice that went on, that's what the book is about, the civilian side of those 31 days. not the story of the military, although that's in there. looking from the average american and the sacrifices they went through, the transportation and travel, that had to go through parachute and other war
10:52 am
material. it changes everything because for instance, from the time of george washington up until 1940, there were many powerful men in the world. kings and czars and dictators. but after 1941 and thereed the president of the united states the most powerful man of the world and every man after that assumes the title of most powerful man of the war. it was not considered as title. >> it shows the best of americans when under pressure. very interesting book. have to give him credit. this holiday, small business owners to drum up sales, they've been using facebook and twitter, but now, they're giving pinterest and instagram a try. >> we asked you if you thought
10:53 am
the iran deal had a chance to succeed, your responses right after the break and we'll explain this letter. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can.
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the president promises to make a path. president obama said the iran nuke deal has a 50/50 chance. jake says for weather, it's fine. for nuclear weapon, it's naive and dangerous. maybe not access now, but it will get there. thank you always for sharing. that is it for us here in washington. fox news sunday is up next. we're going to leave you with some really good video. almost a heavenly effect caused by nature, oddly enough called steam devils.
10:58 am
causing whisps of steam to rise off the lake. it's a beautiful sight. thanks so much for watching. more news is always on the way. today, a unique perspective on nelson mandela. an apartheid leader who helped transform south africa and served in mandela's government. >> adored by all of the people of this country. >> pik botha reflects on mandela's life and legacy. and we'll go live to south africa for the latest on the death of a towering statesman. then, the white house launches a new obama care offensive. >> you got good ideas, bring them to me. let's go. but we're not repeang
10:59 am
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